"Our Land"

First pass on this one.  Mostly just figuring out values and the relationships between shapes.  All the fancy details to come after that.
Second Pass.  Lots of "kit-bashing" and trying to compose a suit of armor that doesn't belong to any one specific time period.  Starting to render things out here and there, but still keeping many areas unfocused while I zoom around and hash things out.  I often feel like an archaeologist dusting off dinosaur bones when I paint like this.  This character is part of a larger world-building project which I will divulge more on later.  In the mean time, here some scenes to help start things off.  Really excited to share this project, I'm going as fast as time allows between commercial work.  Stay tuned!
*edit:  (the scenes below are not in any sort of narrative order.)

Pretty much at the finish with the character now! (higher-res on  Time to get to the storyboards above!

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